January 22th  2016  We have a new website design. Hope you like it. 

January 13th  2016   FSXPilot Version 2.32 is available.   +++++++++++++

October 22th 2015 New YouTube video "GPS hover in a thunderstorm" is available.  Watch now   +++++++++++++

October 20th 2015 New YouTube video "GPS hover" is available.  Watch now   +++++++++++++

October 18th 2015   FSXPilot Version 2.2 is available.   +++++++++++++

August 1st 2015   New 2.0  videos available on YouTube ! ++++++  watch them now

April  26 2015   New FSXPilot videos available on YouTube ! ++++++  click here for the first one in the playlist

Jan 28 2014     FSXPilot V 1.2  for Android available on Google Play   +++++++++++++



Version 2.32 is available !


Today we have published a technical service update. 

  • Upgraded to SFML 2.3
  • better frame rates
  • problems with some AMD graphic cards resolved
  • sources upgraded to a new development package (Visual Studio 2015)
  • please install the VC++ 2015 redistributables from Microsoft   

IMPORTANT: If you have not already done so, install the VC++ 2015 redistributable package FIRST  from


Happy new year. 



Version 2.3 is available !

FSXPilot, the universal autopilot for FSX, FSX Steam and P3D, is now available in version 2.3. 

Planned primarily to remove a touch and go bug (left deviation on runway after landings) there are plenty of new functions available. The feature list of 2.3 is as follows: 

  • Bug removed: no left deviation after landing during touch and go's (Thanks Tommy for the report) 
  • Helicopter hover: LAT error and LON error (EFIS) now show up in green if abs values are < 2.5 m
  • Helicopter hover : Sets v/s = 0 ft/min when final hover is reached 
  • Helicopter heading to target during "hover at xxx" and "land at xxx" now direct and more precise 
  • Precision of helicopter target vector land routine ("land at xxx") improved again (below 0.5-2 m) by
    (1) Final descent during helicopter target vector land only starts if both LAT and LON offsets are < 2.5 m (green) for more than 10 seconds
    (2) Higher hover altitude
  • User heading is automatically set from last targetbearing when helicopter enters hover mode
  • Pressing SPD button during helicopter hover now correctly exits hover mode 
  • New: A vertical takeoff for helicopters is now available in qselect menu (Thanks me)
  • New: flightplan command "run takeoff vertical"
  • Save GPS waypoint dialog window now top
  • "Hover here" now present in quickselect also without target 
  • "gear down" or "gear up" only performed by Anna if gear is retractable
  • New: Flightplan and live command "set brake power <num>" where <num> is brake power in percent 


BTW: Brake problems with your F18 hornet on ground ? No FSXPilot issue. See the new FAQ entry. 



Version 2.1 


FSXPilot supports standard instrument departures (SID) and standard terminal arrival routes (STAR). In cooperation with Navigraph we were able to provide a more recent AIRAC (1502) including the SID and STAR data. Fly the professional routes from and to your favorite departure and destination airports. Select SID's effectively according to their departure direction and STAR's according to the distance of your aircraft relative to the first STAR waypoint. Include SID's and STAR's in your flightplans. Graphically depict STAR's and SID's on the EFIS.  2.0 further enables to switch to 'next tracking target' by a new EFIS button. Select near user defined GPS targets from the quickselect menu on the fly (thanks Steve for the idea). Save user defined GPS targets from the quickselect menu.

The new version has been heavily tested. This update is a major rewrite, both internally and functionally. Please always install in a new directory, to be able to roll back if necessary. And - please watch the YouTube videos. They are great to learn the necessary functions. watch them now

And now let's go flying.


FSXPilot 2.0  contains an AIRAC (courtesy of Navigraph) that is several cycles behind. If you need to update your AIRAC, get the latest cycle from Navigraph. Make sure you purchase the PSS version. A Howto will be in the support section shortly.  


FSXPilot is the world's leading and most versatile autopilot for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters in flight simulation. 


This program was started in Orbiter Space Simulation and later ported to the Microsoft Flight Simulator. FSXPilot also works great in Prepar3D, even in the brand new version 2. Especially for you P3D users we have recently (1.37) added support for "the beast" Raptor F22 :-)  Currently, we develop for FSX/Prepar3D only, but there are still (old and limited) versions for FS9 available for download. 


FSXPilot is freeware. Be warned: After you've learned FSXPilot, you will be able to fly them all and won't go without it ...


After the install, FSXPilot will open in two separate windows on your desktop screen. The main window is for autopilot control, the EFIS window is for navigation. The best way to use FSXPilot is to start  FSX (windowed mode only) and later start FSXPilot with it's two separate windows. You can position the FSXpilot windows on your screen wherever you want and save this position as your default. If FSX is in windowed mode you might experience a "stop" of the flight simulator when you click another window on your screen. This "stop" can be switched off in FSX options.  FSX full screen and FSXPilot is only possible if you have two monitors attached to your computer. 


FSXPilot version 1.50 is finally available and supports Windows Speech output and speech recognition. 

Please check out the Speech recognition support file for more information.

It is advisable to use a good headset. Please enable speech recognition in your Windows 7, Vista or 8 system and do some basic speech training with the US English WSR version !   






Our brand new android version is out. Please Check the play store.  

FSXPilot for android  unpacks the whole power of the FSXPilot project on your phone device. Input things and waypoint control are done on your phone / tablet, the rest is performed by the extremely powerful FSXP standard software on your flightsim computer. 

With FSXPilot for android, you have a versatile and clever new flighsim controller on your android phone or tablet. Also great stuff for reactivating your old phone. Possibilities of operation are endless. Plan your sightseeing flights with real world landmarks on google map - simply tapping your waypoints onto the screen and follw the plane turning into the new headings. Break all kinds of records by long distance flights controlled over your phone - why not fly around the world ? Try ground taxi on a system with P3D installed and you will be absolutely amazed. Send all kinds of inflight commands to your aircraft - flight level , speed and heading changes, holding commands, GPS- or ILS auto land commands. Even turn your engines off / on via the phone and release the wheel brakes.    

Play time again !