FSXPilot is for Flight Simulator X , FSX Steam and Prepar3d (TM) only !


Important note: FSXPILOT 2.7 is Shareware for private, non-commercial use.¶

Best regards

FSXPILOT dev team

This is the  current FSXPilot installer. 

IMPORTANT: Reinstalling FSXPILOT into the same directory as previous versions will NOT overwrite fspilot.ini if this file is found in the installation directory.  All other files (including AIRAC files  and flightplans, pls backup if you have any of identical names) will be overwritten. 


The author hereby notifies that the implemented procedures and behaviors may differ significantly from the behavior of real aircraft and excludes any liability for the adoption of inappropriate skills that may lead to accidents, damage or personal injury, when applied to operation of real aircraft. 

The author refuses and excludes, in addition, any liability for unwanted effects on the phone or tablet or computer on which the software is installed and executed, or with other software, or on a network-connected computer.

Please take a few minutes to register and/or log in to be able to download FSXPilot 2.4. User registration is FREE !

To be used with Flight Simulator X (TM)  and Prepar3D (TM) .


IGNORE the malicious software warning if you have one (Chrome) at the beginning of the download. Our software is virus free.  

Run the installer into a directory of your choice, preferably in your 'Program file' directory on your 'C:' drive. Don't use the FSX home directory. A new icon 'FSXPilot' will be created.  

Please download and read the manual. In here we alsoo have a quickstart FSXPilot lesson (installation and operation).



FSXPilot 2.7 (for FSX and P3D) 

Known issues and requests in 2.7, will be fixed / added in next update: 

Issue /request  Temporary solution


Changes 2.7


XPLANE 10 and 11 supported
special XPLANE plugin required (XPLPilot), included in installation home directory
XPLANE fuel consump implemented
Landing lights now switched off 1000 ft above ground (not lower) during "run takeoff"
COM1 freq now set correctly via console or flightplan
Run takeoff - Throttle is slowly increased to counteract wheel drift
XPLANE: single prop 
XPLANE:  screen shot implemented - Desktop view only
XPLANE:  Ambient Temp implemented
Surface wind
set altimeter standard
set altimeter hpa xxx (1013) 
set altimeter inhg xxx (29.92)
set aileron trim xx (+100 / -100) 
set elevator trim xx (+100 / -100) 
set rudder trim xx (+100 / -100) 
set altimeter 29.92 in quickselect menu
Quickselect menu: New entry "Runways at target airport" if an airport is selected as primary target
Local time in XPLANE adjusted
Safespeed adjusted in XPLANE
Installer now automatically installs VC++ redistributables
XPLANE:  discovered that some planes do not support setting full flaps in one go (B737 -> set initial flaps for landing 6) 
Double autogenerated waypoints removed from EFIS screen
Autogenerated waypoints no longer listed in "Near GPS Waypoint" menu

 Changes 2.64

Bug in which user GPS targets were not correctly saved removed 
Hotkey ALT + SPACE implemented: Stabilized plane in keeping the current climb, speed, heading (not attempting horizontal stabilization) 


Changes 2.61
Repetitive session renewal upon aircraft change removed
PRO: Google earth position updates: Automatic watch distance adaptation implemented. 
200 m (on ground), 500 m whem < 1000 ft and 12 km when > 1000 ft 
HTTP Timeout implemented when checking server logon parameters (sometimes stuck on program load)
Repetetive logon suppressed when changing aircraft in FSX 


Changes 2.59
Now includes plane.png for the kml file
Using relative path in kml files


Changes 2.58
PRO: CTRL + SPD button -> set speedcontrol ax
Repetitive session renewal upon aircraft change removed
PRO: Google earth position updates: Automatic watch distance adaptation implemented. 
200 m (on ground), 500 m whem < 1000 ft and 12 km when > 1000 ft 
HTTP Timeout implemented when checking server logon parameters (sometimes stuck on program load)
Repetetive logon suppressed when changing aircraft in FSX 


Changes 2.57
Google earth current position call redone
Google earth flyto current position implemented: 
Google earth follow plane (updates 4 s) implemented
load_position_ervery_4s.kml and flyto_position_every_4s.kml files provided (see upcoming youtube video) 
Range (watch distance) and tilt (watch angle) parameter in google earth can be modified in fspilot.ini
FSXPilot now calls out feet and alt over ground when reverse thrust is armed 
Aircraft library in fspilot.ini now gets updated without garbage
Garbage entries (end of ac list) can be deleted safely. 
Aircraft library in fspilot.ini now gets formally updated also when PRO Version is used (compatibility with Shareware). 
Aircraft.ini remains the reference file for any new addon aircraft in PRO (use aircraft dialog to edit and add aircraft).  


Changes 2.56

View commands (flightplan) now work as intended in external and 2D cockpit mode
New flightplan command: userview <nameofview>
Switches to FSXPilot named view from within a flightplan. 
PRO users only. 
Works only within virtual cockpit OR FSXpilot external view. 
Landings after a T/G procedures (fixed wing) are now reported correctly on the STATS page. 
Three new harrier flightplans (takeoff, vertical/horizontal flight conversion, horizontal/vertical flight conversion) 

Changes 2.55

Touch and go: during the second and subsequent 'rounds' aircraft got 'stuck' on (circeled around) waypoint _1. Bug removed.
Target display on AP panel now displays GPS waypoints (autoland, t/g etc) correctly.  
Center button now shows up correctly in all EFIS modes
Bug removed in which GPS targets got wrongly updated during autolandings and plane headed to a wonderful but random distant target
View commands (flightplan) now work as intended in external and 2D cockpit mode
Touch and go: during the second and subsequent 'rounds' aircraft got 'stuck' on (circeled around) waypoint _1. Bug removed.
Target display on AP panel now displays GPS waypoints (autoland, t/g etc) correctly.  
Center button now shows up correctly in all EFIS modes
bug removed in which GPS targets got wrongly updated during autolandings

Changes 2.54

Removed: repeated 'Spoilers disarmed' messages when spoilers armed and on ground
Removed: Bug in which clicktargets were not correctly restore during cruise
Precision of clicking to targets on EFIS increased
In EFIS moving map, the pilot can now freely move around by using the left, right and up and down EFIS buttons
This way, clicktargets can be placed in greater distances. 

Center Button is now enabled in 'Moving Map' -> always centers current plane position   

Changes 2.53
Now reports takeoff and landing wind at event, not at report
New clicktarget system
Click reliability and number of click targets greatly improved
Shareware version: 4 follow up targets
PRO version: unlimited number of follow up targets
Clicktargets now work reliably in higher EFIS ranges
Clicktargets are now connected by orange line 
Left click on EFIS -> defines first target
Right click on EFIS target -> defines follow up target
Right click on black space on EFIS -> removes the last click target
Left click on new target -> destroys all previous click targets
CTRL + left mouse button -> no fixes shown

Changes 2.52
Multiple session bug removed
Some changes when to report takeoff and landing to server
Now FSXPilot landing report also states the helicopter autolanding program
Now FSXPilot now starts new online session if aircraft changes and sets flight hours and mileage to zero
Now FSXPilot starts new online session if departure or destination changes  in the 'start flight' dialog and sets flight hours and mileage to zero
flight hours and miles are only counted (progressed in time) if flight sim's time acceleration is set to 1 otherwise values will freeze for that session until time acc is 1 again
login dialog now remembers credentials
predefined cruising altitude, cruising speed and cruising speed mach are now reported to server session if connected 
ambient wind is now reported during takeoff and landings
Bug removed in which a helicopter reported the wrong nearest takeoff runway

Changes in 2.51

New session management
Login from FSXPilot with your website login and password (go AP panel menu -> session-> log in) 
This will enable to easily log your flights and flight hours. 
Set a name or initials in 'pilotname' to be published on the stats page and in the database
Set a 6 letter callsign to override the settings in aircraft.cfg (so you could always fly with the same callsign on the FSXPilot server)  
Check 'autologin' for automatic login upon every start of FSXPilot. 
'Start flight' publishes your current departure and destination as well as session remarks on the server
Upcoming feature 'controlled flight' will enable certified flights, check flights and missions
Landing and takeoff report mechanism improved
Helicoper landings and takeoffs can now be treated separately on the stats page

Bug removed: 

'find' command returned an additional NDB query -> resolved


Changes in V 2.5

View system: Middle mouse press and move mouse on EFIS will move FSX camera view
View system: Mousewheel turned on EFIS will zoom FSX view in and out

Double autogenerated waypoints removed from EFIS screen
Autogenerated waypoints no longer listed in "Near GPS Waypoint" menu

"set crs xxx" flightplan command implemented

Ability to fly radials FROM and TO VOR or NDB added
Set the desired radial in the CRS input field on the AP panel
Adjust a good heading to intercept the radial, press "HDG" button
Type "select xxx" where xxx is a VOR or NDB in the area
Press "CTRL" key  + "NAV" button to activate the radial fly TO command
Press "SHIFT" key  + "NAV" button to activate the radial fly FROM command
FSXPilot will continue on present heading until it reaches the interception, then turn TO or FROM the NAV target on the desired radial. 
Flightplan command: "fly radial to", "fly radial from"

Ability to fly airways with FSXPilot
Type "fly awy xxxx yyy" into the command input box where xxxx is the airway name, yyy is the desired destination waypoint on the airway. 
f.e. "fly awy T702 BADIT" will make the plane turn to the nearest entry waypoint of airway T702, then follow the airway until it reaches BADIT. 
From here it will stay on current heading. 

Changes in V 2.4

  • New initial splash screen - shows what program is doing during initialisation
  • New FTP update mechanism. Upon a new version, program updates itself (overwrites fsxpilot.exe) NO reinstallation is required for smaller updates. 
  • AP and EFIS window are now created directly each after another at their end place. No movements of windows. 
  • Checks "run as administrator" upon startup
  • Helicopter pitch sensitivity changes in aircraft database now work as intended
  • New general hotkeys: 
  •   CTRL + SPACE  Fly current ALT, SPD, HDG
  •   CTRL + O Switch all AP buttons off on one go (if instructed to fly manually) 
  • NAV target display field now remodelled in a way that the last NAV target stays on screen. 
  • Windcorrection is now off on final. Result: straighter landings. 
  • Reverse thrust timer now starts 5 sec after touchdown
  • Throttle set value is now always displayed on the EFIS in % (visual feedback if airctaft flown manually) 
  • When reaching waypoint _1 during GPS autoland, Approachspeed + 20 knt is set
  • WHen reaching waypoint _1 during t/g, Flaps are set to pos 2  
  • AMD graphic cards issue resolved
  • Pressing the NAV button and typing a select command now end a tracking procedure
  • Helicopter GIF implemented
  • Set plane GIF and helicopter GIF background [black] transparent (better display if overlapping with NAV targets)
  • In aircraft with non-retractables gear, gear down (on EFIS) is now always on
  • Flightplan waypoints on the EFIS are now correctly displayed if the user defines departure and destination
  • Panel position is no longer automatically saved, only upon request in 'General options' 
  • If switched to mach during session and program close: Restart-> speedmode is now always 'knots' again 
  • show_mach no longer saved
  • show_ft now always TRUE initially
  • show_mach, show_knt, show_ft sections removed in fspilot.ini
  • Make the command input field resize when the AP panel size changes
  • Bookmark airport function now works as intended
  • Plane speeds are now correctly displayed under 'Planes' in the quickselect menu AND on the EFIS
  • FSXP now reports helicopter landing precision in session_dbg.txt
  • Rudder is now always being centered after tracking procedure and CTRL + o -> no taxi deviations
  • User is soon able to register a PRO version of the program on the website. 
  • After entering a seriel key, PRO will be activated from the shareware version with an additional update.


Changes in V 2.32

  • Updated to SFML 2.3 
  • Problems with some AMD graphic adapters solved
  • Updated to latest VC++ 2015 version 

Changes in V 2.31

  • Bug removed: When flying in true heading mode, FSXPilot often switched back to magnetic headings "by itself" (Thanks Roberto)
  • Flaps command now working as intended
  • New command: "flaps full down"
  • FSXPilot now set flaps full down automatically in all aircraft during GPS landing, ILS landing and T/G procedures
  • New throttle indication (percent set) on EFIS panel: additional throttle feedback when flying manually

Changes in V 2.3

  • Bug removed: no left deviation after landing during touch and go's (Thanks Tommy for the report) 
  • Helicopter hover: LAT error and LON error (EFIS) now show up in green if abs values are < 2.5 m
  • Helicopter hover : Sets v/s = 0 ft/min when final hover is reached 
  • Helicopter heading to target during "hover at xxx" and "land at xxx" now direct and more precise 
  • Precision of helicopter target vector land routine ("land at xxx") improved again (below 0.5-2 m) by
  • (1) Final descent during helicopter target vector land only starts if both LAT and LON offsets are < 2.5 m (green) for more than 10 seconds
  • (2) Higher hover altitude
  • User heading is automatically set from last targetbearing when helicopter enters hover mode
  • Pressing SPD button during helicopter hover now correctly exits hover mode 
  • New: A vertical takeoff for helicopters is now available in qselect menu (Thanks me)
  • New: flightplan command "run takeoff vertical"
  • Save GPS waypoint dialog window now top
  • "Hover here" now present without target 
  • "gear down" or "gear up" only performed by Anna if gear is retractable
  • New: Flightplan and live command "set brakepower <num>" where <num> is brakepower in percent


Changes in V 2.2

  • New: Helicopter GPS hover mode
  • All helicopter hover techniques now not only zero anterior and lateral speeds, but also minimize GPS offsets
  • Landing and hover precision with helicopters is now within meters
  • New quickselect menu entry "Hover at ..." when gps target or airport or runway has been selected (helicopter mode)
  • Now displaying longitude and latitude errors when going into final hover mode with a helicopter
  • New "run target hover" flightplan command for helicopters
  • Anna now reports landing precision after target or hover helicopter landings
  • Bug removed: Helicopter autopilot speeds now always reached if possible by helicopter design  
  • "true headings enabled" announcements in T/G
  • After GPS autolanding with a fixed wing aircraft, final waypoint was often missed. Resolved. -> straight heading during brake operation 
  • More front/tailwheel steering power at higher taxi speed
  • Now switches to next waypoint earlier at crosswind conditions in GPS autolanding and Touchandgo -> improved landing behaviour
  • Landinglights on text added during heli landing 
  • Gear down added in helilanding text
  • Heli gear down was too late and has been resolved 
  • Quickselect speed menu texts changed

Changes in V 2.1

  • elevator issue during takeoff fixed (symptom: no follow takeoff GPS NAV targets) 
  • sorted out Brussels runway entries 25L problem
  • shadowed HDG textfield fixed
  • auto detects helicopter if model is defined as helicopter in fspilot.ini
  • Helicopter: more realistic heading (turn with some bank) changes when cruising to NAV targets or heading is changed 
  • New: bookmark destination airport function (worldwide. in quickselect) 
  • New: select bookmarked airports from the quickselect menu
  • set navlight issue before takeoff corrected (leave NAV light on if already on) 
  • after ILS or GPS landing from quickselect menu: landinglights are switched off and taxilights are switched on
  • ILS heading (2nd heading in line) is now set correctly magnetic during "update airac". Hoewver, this parameter is not used in FSXPilot.
  • Length of text and size of textbox  in EFIS text fields corrected
  • cockpit flight stick (steering wheel) dampers !
  • 'execute missed approach' now available from qselect menu during GPS and ILS landings and T/G
  • To avoid erros: run takeoff, run straight takeoff and taxi to runway only available in qselect menu if landing operations completed
  • Changed: execute missed approach parameters. Altitude lowered, speed set to a general 250 knt, course: Runway heading
  • Helicopter landing gear (if present)  is now lowered just in time when flying a target vectorland procedure 
  • 'Set speed 220' value changed from 'create flightplan' function in helicopters 
  • Approach and ILS entry points now get deleted if user switches to GPS autolanding, fly to finals and touch and go
  • Landing lights are now switched on earlier (when gear down) during ILS landings
  • Touch and go's are now more centerline in calm winds
  • helicopter autoland: precision changes
  • Helicopter autoland: Now switches on landinglights
  • Helicopter autoland: Now does not get blocked when initial heading is away from landing target
  • New flightplan command: "set fuelpercent xx" (percent, equally in all tanks)
  • New flightplan command: "set payload xx" (pounds, equally divided between all payload stations - careful please !) 
  • New plane.gif provided: better looking EFIS (Thanks Roberto) 

Changes in V.2.0 

  • Unstraight takeoff bug after ILS and GPS landings removed
  • Straight takeoff implemented
  • Removed a bug in which you had to press HDG twice after a "run takeoff" and "Resume own orientation"
  • SID and STAR !
  • SID in the quickselect menu appears after a run takeoff for SID
  • STAR and SID in the quickselect menu after selecting a bigger airport for available STAR's
  • STAR in quickselect: Shows distance to first waypoint in STAR in nm
  • SID in quickselect: Shows direction from first named waypoint to last named waypoint in SID
  • removed a bug in which the STAR was flown again after reaching the last waypoint
  • now sets timeacc always 1 if reaching last SID or STAR waypoint
  • FSXPilot now plays the sign sound when reaching the last SID or STAR waypoint
  • Now flying the right SID selected for an individual runway
  • After ILS landings landing lights are switched off. 
  • speedsafe option 
  • MAN button: Anna now speaks heading to new target directly
  • SID and STAR: Anna now reads out the procedure names
  • STAR display stops after selecting a runway for landing 
  • STAR display stops after selecting a different target
  • RECV Button on AP Panel: one button toggle overspeed / stall recovery on/off 
  • define user GPS target from quickselect menu
  • select near user GPS targets from quickselect menu
  • near airports in quickselect menu are now sorted according to distance
  • selecting the speeds (cruising, approach etc) now do select the right knot or mach button
  • Save GPS waypoint bug removed
  • fly steep autolanding command implemented
  • fly steep autolanding from quickselect menu
  • 'next tracking target' button on EFIS windows
  • option window is now always TOPMOST
  • AP mode select box resized on AP panel now showing the full text
  • target name textbox resized on AP panel now showing the full text
  • speedsafe value is now displayed in the quickselect menu
  • "Next flightplan target" (Anna) changed to "Next waypoint"
  • Heli takeoff adjusted

Changes in V 1.53 

  • Speed after overspeed recovery IAS: approch_entry_speed, Mach: maxchmax - 0.2
  • Speed after stall recovery IAS: cruising speed, Mach: maxchmax - 0.15
  • Permanently solved small array problems
  • Bug removed: MACH top speed was not reached 
  • DME indication is now always disabled if no target selected
  • DME indicator bug on top of AP panel resolved
  • Bug removed: Wrong speed reading in Overspeed recovery if MACH is switched on 
  • Bug removed: Speed reading wrong when switching between KIAS und MACH
  • Resize AP and EFIS bug removed
  • Profile flight redone, new demo flightplan 
  • Bug removed: Array boundary problem when tons of runways in the AIRAC
  • Checked: speech recognition during ILS landings. FAQ updated.
  • Horizontal scroll bar in AP panel text box implemented, solves: 
  • - Annas speech texts not visible some time
  • - Overspeed: line trucated "Please ad ...
  • - Man: line truncated "All FSXP rudder ....

Thanks, Roberto S. from Switzerland, for finding many of those bugs !

Changes in V 1.52

  • One click MAN Button: Enables manual aircraft command with FSXPilot assistance (gear, flaps, EFIS, etc) 
  • MAN Button engage beep: new sound file in SOUND directory
  • Anna's new inflight commands: When the MAN button is pressed and comments are enabled, Anna will comment on your flight performance regularily 
  • 100 ms main loop restriction: Technical change 
  • Draw stick during takeoff: FSXPilot now uses a continuous draw on the flight stick during automatic takeoffs. Better looking & less runway usage.    
  • Create flightplan dialog box: A new dialog box which makes creating FSXPilot flightplans from online flightplanners easy.  
  • Stall recovery: FSXPilot will try (and almost always succeed) to recover your valuable aircraft from stalls. 
  • Overspeed recovery: Anna will also assist in an overspeed situation by setting the spoilers and shout a warning. 
  • Anna final comments file: Upon frequent request, we have made FSXPilot read from an afterlandings text file (in Books folder) after every autolanding. You may include your personal ideas for afterlanding comments here - one random comment per line.
  • And, yes - the file accepts even some naughty stuff ;-) Be creative. Enjoy !  

Changes in V 1.51

  • No final crash upon exit on some machines
  • Allows now for bigger distances between GPS NAV targets in flight plans (transatlantic flights) 
  • Allows for loading the latest PSS AIRAC of Navigraph (too small array bug, "target not found" error, removed)
  • Displays "n/a" on fuel status report on EFIS while standing on ground with engines off

Changes in V 1.50

  • Windows speech output
  • Windows speech recognition (can both be switched off under 'options' and in fspilot.ini) 
  • Anna -> reads out all kind of FSXPilot information during flight
  • Anna ->says editable checklists
  • Anna -> reads editable passenger information
  • Anna -> makes status updates
  • New: airport and runway AIRAC files generated directly from a FSX installation (Steam edition) 
  • Ability to read out your own FSX airports and runways (see support help entry on the website) with 
  • new text console command 'update airac'
  • finally: really precise runway AIRACS directly from FSX
  • straighter takeoffs
  • more precise GPS landings
  • better ILS landings 
  • many more airports and runways (especially all small ones) now available in FSXPilot
  • ETA/ETE in the 'find' command now gives sensible FLY-TO information even on ground
  • windcorrection is now disabled during GPS autolandings (more centerline GPS autolandings at stronger winds) 
  • all kind of improvements for smaller aircraft on shorter airfield in fspilot.ini, check the new ini database out, please
  • Bug remocal: 'update airac' now sets correct ILS and non-ILS runway lenghts in rwy.txt, bug removed 
  • Bug removal: 'update airac' now removes double spaces between ICAO and runway name
  • 'Bug removal: 'update airac' now removes some initial spaces in three letter ICAO airport names
  • landing lights now get operated during ILS approach
  • ILS frequencies now get displayed correctly with two digits in the "find" command  
  • "Find"command does no longer return wrong fly-to times on ground (several of those: Thanks Roberto) 
  • one may now preselect the speed in the speed textbox and then press the "SPD" button (speed value is not overwritten with current speed) (Thanks Robert) 
  • distributes Simconnect.dll files for FSX RTM, SP1 and Xpack, see readme in new directory in FSXPilot home dir
  • Installer: uninstaller bug (remaining FSXPilot entry in the control panel, unability to uninstall from 'Programs and features' in Control panel) removed. Problems ? Refer here. Now simply uninstall from the Windows Start menu
  • installer: FSXPilot automatically installs in new directory according to version
  • aircraft diretory in fspilot.ini now supports Xpack aircraft and the complete Lufthansa package (recommended download) 
  • 'set nogear' lands or touch and go's water aircraft without gear operation. Reverse with 'set gear'
  • ability to define your own FSXPilot server port numbers (find the parameter in fspilot.ini -> server_port)
  • New: flightplan command 'set waypointclimb' now allows to set individual climb rates for waypoints and flight levels -> see flightplan eddm_eddf.txt for a working example

Changes in V 1.45  

  • Approach distances for normal, short, ultrashort and straight approch can now be changed in fspilot.ini
    f.e. change "BaselengthUltrashort=0.3" for an very short approach with a single prop - then use the ultrashort landing function
  • autotakeoff "rotate" is now performed later (after 2/3rds of takeoff speed). Better automatic takeoffs.
  • New parameters speed sensitivity, flare altitude (meters) and zerothrottle altitude (meters) have been added in the aircraft library. Play with those to get those  supersmooth autolandings (ideas: Thanks, Bernhard)
  • IMPORTANT: To find the new parameters in fspilot.ini please start and exit FSX and FSXPilot once.   

Changes in V 1.44 

  • QNH (barometric pressure at sea level) is now correctly displayed together with QFE (ambient barometric pressure).
    Short explanation: Enter the QNH into your altimeter and read, after landing at a given airport, the correct airport elevation in feet (usually known from airport charts). Ask the ATC for an airport's QFE, enter it in your altimeter, and you will read the value of "0 feet" after landing. Often used by american pilots or in aerobatics ... (Thanks Roberto)
  • taxi to runway from the quickselect menu now works again    

Changes in V 1.43 

  • removes a bug in which near airports and runways do not get displayed in areas of high NAVAID frequency (US) 
  • better runway behavior during "run takeoff" command from the menu (less grass on wheels)   

Changes in V 1.42 

  • removes a bug in which runways do not get correctly read in areas with a negative LAT (f.e. south africa)
  • removes a bug : takeoff altitude is not correctly calculated (now works in high altitude airports)
  • better behavior when AP button is switched off (brakes are beeing released)  

Changes in V 1.41 

  • delivers true heading and FSXPilot version to the android client - now correct rotation of aircraft on app's google map
  • introduces a new quickselect menu item "take me to finals runway ...": will use some GPS waypoints to bring you and your plane to an area where runway is in sight and plane is aligned to runway. FSXPilot then switches off and allows the captain to land manually.  

Changes in V 1.40 

  • supports our brand new android app available on Google's playstore
  • what's in the app ? 
  • plan your local or intercontinental flights by simple tap's to your phone screen
  • experience ground taxi orientated at the real : see your plane moving and control waypoints on taxiways via googlemap
  • send and receive FSXPilot commands from and on your android phone / tablet
  • control the aircraft by a virtual phone / tablet 'yoke'
  • ... and much more 
  • FSXPilot:
  • precise departures by using GPS waypoints during "run takeoff" command (flightplans, menu, phone) 
  • better  roll and taxi behavior of fixed wing aircraft
  • reducing IAS to approach speed now at first waypoint of GPS and ILS landings 

Changes in V 1.39

  • "persistent brake" bug after GPS or ILS autoland removed
  • ability to select (in options), that the plane will NOT come to a complete stop after autolanding (nice for subsequent taxi)
  • option (in options)  to make both AP windows TOPMOST
  • option to preserve FSX sounds when switched to FSXPilot windows (experimental, pls report errors)
  • profile flight works again as expected 
  • new flightplan commands: "engine start" and "engine stop"
  • new quickselect option (in ground): engine start and stop

Changes in V 1.38

  • workaround resolves 'trail' symptom on EFIS on some AMD graphic cards
  • implementation of wind correction while navigating (all targets)
  • increased GPS autoland precision in bad weather

Changes in V 1.37

  • weather bug (freeze of program if used with FSX and real weather with updates) removed
  • screenshot button now works again as expected
  • inverted flight now possible by pressing the button
  • more extensively tested and fine-tuned in Windows 7 64 bit
  • tested and working great ;-) with Prepar3d (TM) Version 2
  • P3D: added a configuration and support  for the the Raptor F22 ("the beast") in fspilot.ini
  • P3D: added a configuration and support for the T6 in fspilot.ini

 Changes in V 1.36 

  • now using OpenGL based SFML graphic engine
  • support for huge (fullscreen) realtime moving  maps
  • new map mode (north orientated)  
  • other (and own) aircraft show up as sprites which are rotated according to heading and moved on screen
  • waypoints of flightplans are displayed now connected in red polylines on map
  • selection of VOR or NDB targets on screen displays two circles with a course to/from target indicator - intersections can be easily flown
  • the own plane has, on screen, a green graphical heading aiming tool which can be operated by altering values of the heading textbox
  • in north orientated map mode:  "ALT" and arrow keys allow for moving around on the map
  • "center" button on EFIS centers the map on plane
  • elevator trim controls eliminated in the AP panel, no longer needed
  • new info textbox for 'heading to target'
  • FSXPilot now has standard windows controls.
  • Click into the input fields for alt, heading, v/s and speed and use your mouse wheel to alter the values. Alternatively, use the spinners.
  • hotkey "ALT" + "f" set focus to FSX window
  • hotkey "ALT" + "a"  sets focus to autopilot window
  • hotkey "ALT" + "e" sets focus to the EFIS window
  • "STRG" + mouse wheel on EFIS window changes radar range
  • "STRG" + mouse wheel on EFIS window fine changes radar range
  • FSXPilot windows are no longer TOPMOST windows 
  • the input window is bigger now and offers a command history
  • thousands of targets can be selected by a simple mouse click
  • all controls have tooltips  that can be read by screen readers (this feature can be switched off)
  • there is a new "ding" sound when a waypoint has been reached. Can be switched off on "options"
  • overall performance has increased
  • MACH button now works as intended
  • better high timeacc flying
  • more natural waypoint behavior: Fixed wing aircraft now climb with fixed climb rates, then level out at  next way-point's altitudes.
  • gear is automatically lowered when selecting a helicopter autoland from the quickselect menu.
  • the quickselect menu has now an option to select other aircrafts as a NAV tragets.  
  • Alpha version of a FSXPilot server which can later communicate, within your local LAN, with our upcoming android app. 
  • tested in several transatlantic flights as well as in numerous flights between EDDM and EDDF /EGLL as well as in the US: at KJFK, San Francisco and Seattle. 

   Changes in V 1.35

  • select near runways (within 50 nm) from EFIS quickselect menu
  • then perform ILS or GPS autolands on this runway
  • new record function (in 'Extras') to be used during taxi to and from gates, save in a flightplan, call taxi flightplan for easy ground procedures
  • ability to start/stop pushback from EFIS quickselect menu
  • get notified when a new program update is available

 Changes in V 1.34

  • better bank and pitch control
  • Extra and heavy jets autopilot more realistic
  • automatically updates your fspilot.ini

Changes in V 1.33

  • complete rewrite of the autopilot routines using a PID algorythm.
  • elimination of autopilot modes that have to be selected
  • alternatively, define your non-FSX aircraft in fsxpilot.ini
  • takeoff, cruising, minimum and approach speeds, holdingbase-leg and takeoff climb can be defined
  • much more stable in high time accelerations
  • fly long distance flights with the heavy aircraft
  • menu driven "fly ILS autolanding" after selection of an airport with ILS runways
  • all in one ILS autolanding procedure from the menu - no more select ae or select ie commands
  • taxi to runway available on ground (please switch collosion detection off :-)
  • much less complicated FSXP flightplans when generated from FSX flightplanner files
  • ETA and ETE added on EFIS information window (switch mode to 2nd window, see last page) to determine arrival times when you fly long distance
  • include holdings in your flightplan, descened or climb in holding, and fly a certain number of holdings
  • "run takeoff" now selects proper speed and climb rates and retracts gear and flaps
  • ILS autolanding now sets approach speeds and flaps and lowers gear
  • GPS autolanding uses better GPS entry points (calculates two points and uses the one closer to your current location)
  • ILS autolanding uses better approach entry points (calculates two points and uses the one closer to your current location)
  • before takeoff, you can store the current airport as "home". In the air, you can always select "fly home" from the menu
  • set predefined aircraft speeds (see above) from a flightplan (i.e. "set speed takeoffspeed")


Changes in V 1.32

  • Traffic bug removed: fsxpilot crashes when FSX traffic is set to medium or high


Changes in V 1.31

  • Bug in ILS autoland procedures removed
  • bigger holdings for the Learjet, the B737 and the B747


Changes in V 1.30

  • GPS autolands on almost all FSX runways
  • GPS touch-and-go's on alsmost all FSX runways
  • quickselect menu (right click top of radar screen)
  • timeaccs much improved. radar redraw is now only 1 Hz when timeacc is used.
  • fly left and right holding procedures


Changes in V 1.25

  • back to elevator control for the V/S autopilot (more reliable)
  • rewrite od the ILS autolanding routine in all planes (better ILS autolandings)
  • rework of FSX timeacc support
  • for the VFR flyers: ability to set short ILS runway approaches ("set ils normal / short")
  • FSXPilot is no longer a FSX child window if FSX get's started first (much better program stability)


Changes in V 1.24

  • Preservation of FSX sounds when clicking on the AP-panel or EEFIS - panel
  • For this effect, you MUST start FSX first, load or create your flight, and then start FSXPilot
  • Better brake effects after auto landing
  • Several autopilot modes are available for UL, aerobatic, fighter, single prop, dual prop, Jetranger or similar, B737 or similar, B747 or similar, Fighter planes, Helicopter Jetranger type and R22 type aircraft


Changes in V 1.23

  • ability to set speedmode from knots to mach added
  • ability of the speed autopilot to adjust to mach added
  • V/S (vertical speed) autopilot rewritten
  • V/S AP uses the elevator trim now for adjustments
  • elevator (joystick) can be used during V/S-AP controlled flights for manual adjustments
  • V/S control is now less timeacc-critical, most flightplans can be tested in 2-8x timeacc
  • EFIS mode and range switches more reliable
  • AP window textbox more reliable
  • demo flightplan EDDM_to_EDDK added. Copy the plan to your flightplan directory, load a jet to EDDM rw 26r and run the plan


Changes in V 1.22


  • frequencies of VOR's and NDB's directly on EFIS
  • all ILS frequencies at base of ILS T
  • AI and Multiplayer planes now display more reliable
  • better click-selection of AI and MP targets on EFIS
  • tower mode (north orientation): enter 'set towermode on/off'
  • wind, QNH, gear,flaps, fuel % left on the EFIS


Changes in V 1.2


  • AI and Multiplayer planes on the EFIS
  • AI and Multiplayer helicopter on the EFIS
  • Use these as (moving) NAV targets for rendevouz and formation flights
  • Automated rendevouz procedure (speed, heading, altitude adjustments) on final
  • re-sizable AP-Panel and EFIS
  • ability to 'move' the own aircraft (EFIS center) to back,middle,front and left, middle, right
  • user zoom of textsize and EFIS symbols
  • auto save of position, size and zoom parameters via options dialog
  • initial AP and EFIS window sizes now normal
  • new menu entry to restore normal window sizes
  • new flightplan commands: 'timeacc plus' and 'timeacc minus' corresponding to the FSX function keys


Changes in V 1.1


  • 'autorudder on' and 'autorudder off' from flightplans now work as intended
  • new FSXP menu entry to receive the local METAR data (local weather)
  • new FSXP menu entry to receive the METAR of an airport in range (weather at airport). Enter GLOB to receive global weather infos.



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